Very Special October Long Weekend, 3-5 October 2020

The pizza oven will be given a workout this coming long weekend!!

With the weather warming, the sun shining and the flowers are bursting forth, the season for outdoor naturism is well and truly upon us! What better way to take advantage of this than to have an extended Naturi weekend for members and select guests on the October Long Weekend!

We are fortunate to have special visitors for the weekend – the President of the Australian Naturist Federation (ANF) – Mick – and his wife Cath. They will be arriving on Saturday 3 October, and over the course of the weekend Mick will be sharing his vision for the future of Australian naturism, and how the ANF may be able to help support nudist clubs and resorts throughout Australia to achieve that vision.

Another highlight of our weekend is that one of our members Diah, who grew up in Bali, is going to cater a special Balinese dinner on Saturday night for us in the Clubhouse, and also share some insights on what it was like growing up in such a beautiful place! If you want Diah to cater your meal, the cost is $10 per head, and we will need you to confirm your booking well ahead of the weekend.

It has been a while since we used the Outdoor Pizza Oven, so we have decided that for dinner on Sunday night, we will fire it up, and cook up a storm! Alistair and Maree have kindly offered to bring the dough and tomato base, so Members need only to bring along their preferred toppings, and we will be in business!! Once again, to help Alistair and Maree with quantities, please let us know in advance if you are going to be around on Sunday night for dinner.

Now apart from all of this excitement, we may have a few first-timers coming to visit us and to see what naturism is all about. Please make them feel welcome!

Please post your comments, and let us know your plans! Rod x

21 thoughts on “Very Special October Long Weekend, 3-5 October 2020

  1. Hi all, we have two new couples visiting for the Long Weekend, so please make them very welcome.

    Chris and Jo will be arriving at 9.30am on Saturday morning, and staying right through to Monday. I will be at Naturi in time on Saturday to welcome them at the gate.

    Kathryn and Adam will be visiting on Monday for a few hours, arriving at 10am. Can someone please put up their hand to welcome them, as I will need to depart after dinner on Sunday night.

    Cheers! Rod


      1. Let’s see what everyone’s plans are for Monday, and make a decision then. No, they can’t come any other day, and it would be good to welcome them if possible. Cheers!


  2. Hi All, we are sorting out the meal on Saturday night and would like to finalise the number of people. Please lt us know if you will not join the Balinese meal on Saturday. Thanks Greg and Diah.


    1. Hi mate I know how frustrating it can be when trying to organize catering , my bookings indicate 22 people will be there on saturday night, & I would expect all to be partaking in a wonderful meal prepared by Diah !
      However we still seem a bit short on pizza toppings for sunday ! Please let those organizing meals for you know what your contributions are ! Thanks Terry & Ann


    1. Great to see you guys staying for the weekend , we have visitors staying in the bottom van so if its not to much trouble can you put the van in your old spot above Pats van ? Let me know if this is a problem !


  3. Hi everyone , as well as the vans being fully booked now camping spots are at a premium only a few left .
    Terry & Ann Naturi Hgts
    Steve & Bron Wattanobi Hgts
    Alisdair & Maree in the middle
    Baz & Sue on their normal spot
    Shaping up to be a great weekend with most coming for saturday & sunday nights but a good few will be up on friday!
    Do not for get Pizza night on sunday bring a topping & list it here so we all know whats going on


  4. Hi every one , so we are 1 week out from another fantastic weekend !
    Bookings are as follows
    Rod Pink van
    Brett & Jan Yellow van
    Greg & Diah Dannys van
    Deb & Oleg Pats van
    Mick & Cath Green van (ANF)
    Chris & Jo Van yet to be named ? (visitors)
    Peter (motorbike) couch surfing
    See you there !


  5. Hi to all. Debbie and I will come for both nights.. Terry already booked caravan for us I hope. Debbie and I will make tomato 🍅 base for pizza as far as I remember. Is that correct? Looking forward to see you all.

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  6. Thanks Terry for making those arrangements!
    I am distilling Friday arvo/evening, and so I will joining you all on Saturday mid-morning. I will stay Saturday night and be there all of Sunday. Susannah is hoping to join us for the day on Sunday too.
    I confirm that I need the pink van just for Saturday night.
    I’ll bring some capsicum, mushroom and onion and a large packet of pizza cheese for Sunday dinner!

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    1. Hi All,
      Janelle & I are both looking forward to the weekend.We will be there approx lunchtime Saturday and can stay Saturday and Sunday nights. Are definite for Diah’s dinner on Saturday and pizza night Sunday.
      Sounds like the pizza toppings are sorted so we’ll bring fruit salad and ice cream for dessert.

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  7. Hi everyone, I know its still a few weeks away but van bookings are full and only few camping spots available , so please confirm your intentions A.S.A.P , both for catering requirements & camping spots . (please confirm dates req) also if anyone is available on the friday we need to clean out a couple of vans for visitors your help would be great .Thanks Terry & Ann


    1. Hi all, we will come up on Friday afternoon and stay until Monday, so can help to clean out the vans. @Dear Terry, can we please book Dannys van from Fri to Mon. Sunday night, we will bring up some pineapple and ham for hawaiian pizza. Diah and Greg.

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