Naturi Club welcomes genuine naturists and those interested to find out more about the nudist lifestyle.

At the moment we are actively seeking to grow our membership, and our focus is on increasing the number of couples and women so that we ensure a healthy gender balance. Solo male naturists will need to be patient as there are only very limited opportunities for them at the moment.

We are protective of our special community. Visitors will usually be asked to come for the first time on the weekend that we have our monthly members meeting, which we usually have on the first Sunday of every month. This allows members to get to know you a bit, to ensure that you fit in well, and that you share our values.Naturi is a safe place for people to enjoy social nudism together.

While many of our members enjoy having a drink or two, one way in which show respect for each is only to drink in moderation, and this in reflected in each of us not imposing on the comfort of others.

We are very welcoming, but we have very clear rules about appropriate behaviour, so that everyone feels safe. Those who behave outside of our values are not allowed to stay.

Our Facilities

Our club very well established, with great facilities for everyone to enjoy:

*large swimming pool     *mini tennis court

*table tennis and snooker table     *sauna, showers and toilets

*club house with kitchen     *TV and lounge area

*wood fired pizza oven     *camping grounds

*six caravans for hire     *beautiful bush surroundings

Adjusting to a naked environment

We understand that for many people, entering a nudist environment can be a little confronting to begin with. Everything is very new and different from the social rules most of us have all grown up with. Sometimes when new couples visit, one of the partners is more keen than the other, and this can require courage on the less keen partner to come along and give it a go.

Most of the members of Naturi can still remember our first time too – the initial flutter of excitement and also the anxiety that something untoward might happen. Of course, when you take your clothes off, absolutely nothing happens – the sun keeps shining, the birds keep chirping and everyone carries on as they were before. However, we are always respect anyone who would prefer to remain dressed during their first visit, so that they have time to adjust. Usually by the end of their first visit, most people are ready to dive into our lifestyle, reassured that they are safe and that being nude is entirely normal.

Visitors Fees & Payment

Visitors fees are $10 per adult per day, children are free. We have several caravans on site that are available to hire, the fee is $30 per night for visitors and $20 per night for members. There is also a number of camping sites for those who wish to hitch a tent – the cost is $10 per night per tent.

We prefer if payments are made in advance by EFT to the following account: BSB 012 668  Account No: 474872177. Please include your code or name and what the fee is for (e.g. pink van 10/3) in the Description/Message field. If you need to provide more details of the payment, then please let our Treasurer Brett know.

We can also accept cash payments at the time of your visit if you bring the exact amount.

Club Rules

Visitors are expected to abide by our Naturi Rules_Regs_PDFVisitors are also required to sign a Waiver form to protect the club from potential claims regarding injury to person or to property: naturi-sun-disclaimer

Membership Applications

Those interested in becoming members must firstly visit us a couple of times so that we can make sure your values accord with naturism, and that you are a good fit for our community. If you have visited us on two separate occasions, and are keen to join, then please complete this membership application form and submit it to Diah, our Club Secretary at naturi-membership-application-form


If you would like to visit Naturi to experience social nudism for the first time and consider potential membership, or are a member of another nudist group who would like to visit us, we would welcome your enquiry. Please contact us at, and one of us will be in touch with you soon.