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On the Central Coast of NSW, less than 30 minutes North of Hornsby

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Naturi is a special club, set in private bushland, less than 30 minutes north of Hornsby NSW, where our members are free to spend time in the nude, relaxing and enjoying our beautiful natural surroundings.

We enjoy BBQ’s and picnics, swimming in the club pool, playing mini tennis & table tennis, or just sitting around and chatting about life and having a laugh. Our members often camp over or stay in one of our caravans during weekends, to make the most of the opportunity to be naked, especially during the warmer months of the year.


We have a special community of open and honest people who accept each other as we are, including the fact that we prefer not to wear clothes. To find a group of like-minded people to share our lifestyle with has been a wonderful experience, and we hope that other genuine naturists will want to join us too to discover the same freedom.

If you would like to visit Naturi to experience social nudism for the first time and consider potential membership, or are a member of another nudist group who would like to visit us, we welcome your enquiry.  Please call Heinz, who lives on site, on (02) 4370 1129 to arrange a visit, or email Rod, our Club Secretary, at for more information 



Upcoming Events and Activities

During this time of year, we take a more chilled approach – no set events, just lots of long lazy summer days at the Club as people come and go when they can.

*A group from Naturi will be attending the nudist tour of the The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on the morning of 30th January, 2018, followed by breakfast together. Check out the details in our Events pages

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*Our next club meeting is on 4th February, 2018. Members are encouraged to stay over club meeting weekends as much as possible, and we welcome guests also on these weekend by prior arrangements.

*A trivia night is in the planning for coming months – more details to be posted in coming weeks. Quiz masters for the evening will be Wendy & Phil!

*Other ideas we are contemplating include: a night where we bring our old photos of significant moments in our lives e.g. old wedding photos, and a pulled pork hamburger night.



Recent Events

We had close to the perfect Christmas Party gathering of about 25 members at Naturi on 16th December 2017. The weather was stunningly sunny, perfect for lazing around for hours in our azure swimming pool.

It was so awesome to leave the rat-race for the weekend, and to enjoy some nude time together! As you would expect, dress was limited to Santa hats and in one instance a Christmassy tie. What a joy to be nude at this time of year!

Whereas Christmas with family can be somewhat fraught, at Naturi, it was a joy – no stress, just chilled time together, chatting, watching the Aussies amass a huge total in the Ashes, quiet moments and lots of funny moments together in community. There was even a makeshift hairdressing salon set up for the women-folk to get ready for dinner! 

Special thanks to Ann & Terry for preparing a fantastic dinner – ham, turkey, roast veg, salad, and all the fixings. And also our gratitude for the desserts prepared by Janelle & Brett – Christmas pudding and Trifle. I doubt many Australians will get to enjoy anything better for Christmas this year!

A special shout out also to Ann & Terry who organised a new large umbrella to provide much needed shade near our outdoor pizza oven. It will not only make it much easier for those cooking in the heat of summer, but also create another social nook for our community to enjoy outdoor time together!


The blanket of clouds shrouding the stars did not dampen our enthusiasm on our astronomy night at Naturi on 18th November. We enjoyed a wonderfully relaxed weekend together, full of cheerful conversation and moments of hilarity. While the warmth made its presence felt through the clouds, we enjoyed swimming, tennis, and chatting outside, and when the evening set in, it was dinner, soccer (Newcastle Jets went down to the Sydney Wanderers), table tennis and (lots) of banter.

It was good to welcome Craig and Carolyn for their first visit, and to see Oleg back from overseas for a short visit. And of course great for the so many of our regular members to be together enjoying our nudist lifestyle together. We had a great chat after dinner about who amongst our family and friends know about our nudist lifestyle, and one very funny topic was how sometimes we can inadvertently be “outed” on Facebook, and also what to do when the neighbour looks over the fence!


We have decided that our Naturi is becoming a foodies heaven. We have previous posted about Bazza’s amazing coffee – this weekend’s coffee was as good at they get. However the star this weekend was our amazing new outdoor pizza oven. Thanks to Terry & Ann, we were able to enjoy two “sittings” of pizzas over the course of Saturday afternoon. It was intended as a “trial” and we were supposed to be sampling small “experiments”, but the truth is that the pizzas were as good as you would get in the best pizza restaurant. We have started talking about how we might better use the area around the pizza oven – maybe even build a small deck area to extend where people can sit and socialise in the mid to late afternoon.

A surprise visitor during our pizza feast was a beautiful red-tailed black cockatoo. He sat in the tree just above our heads, looking on approvingly at proceedings, and from time to time putting on a show for us. He seemed to be very pleased with himself, and happy to perform!


On the weekend of 9-10 September 2017 we had a relaxed and fun community weekend to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the reconstruction of our clubhouse (the Club having suffered the ravages of bushfires in the late 1990’s).  

The weather was kind to us with two sunny and warm days, allowing lots of time pottering around the grounds in our Club Uniforms (i.e. nude), and for those with some energy to burn, we played lots of miniten and even some petanque. It was great to welcome two new visiting couples to the Club over the weekend. 

Huge thanks go to Bron & Steve and Wen & Bill for catering delicious gourmet hamburgers for everyone to enjoy. We enjoyed a relaxed evening in front of the fireplace, and savouring some nice wine & cheese and other very nice beverages. We are becoming quite adept at dining together – and our sense of commradery continues to grow, which is great.


The other great thing about our September gathering was the institution of Bazz & Sue’s Coffee Van! Most of us love a decent coffee, and over the past year, Bazz has been perfecting the art of producing a barista quality coffee. We think he has nailed it! It is so good, the coffee van has become a “thing!” It helps create community and also raises some important funds for the Club. Barry & Sue – take a bow – we think you are the creme-de-la-creme!

Some great work is being done around the Club to get things ready for the summer rush! Thanks to our property maintenance crew and others for their hard work in helping to make Naturi so beautiful (and safe) ahead of summer!



Who says that nudism is only for the warmer months of year?! In an act of sheer defiance (and let’s face it, downright silliness) we had a huge turnout of 25 members for our Christmas in July gathering on the weekend of 1-2 July 2017. It may have been freezing cold outside (especially at night), but that did not dampen spirits, as we spent the afternoon and evening chatting, laughing, and enjoying nudist fellowship together.

Ann & Terry did an amazing job with our main course of Turkey, ham, and all the fixings, and Bron and Natalia provided fantastic desert – pavlova and trifle.  Thanks so much to all of you!! Thanks also to so many members who contributed to the weekend – decking out the Clubhouse with decorations, and helping to set up and tidy up afterwards.

Here are some photos of the night for those who missed out:


And we cannot really properly report on the weekend without paying homage to our three brave souls who bared and dared to take the plunge in our pool – Terry, Bron and Sue. We take our hats off to you, although it must be said that the smiles immediately before entry into the water did not last long….


Lastly, thank you to everyone for making our place so incredibly special. Each person brings their unique perspective to our group. Mutual respect is at the core of what we do, and Naturi truly is an oasis for those of us seeking the freedom of acceptance in social nudism. 

As always, keep following the chatter and let us know if you planning to come along, on the Chalkboard. And be sure to LIKE other people’s posts to show your support!



Membership – details for making payments etc are here.

Online forms – a reminder that we have lots of forms now available online including membership application form, the waiver which must be signed by visitors and members, and a form to complete if you are paying accommodation or visitors fees online. There are all to be found on our Visiting Page.

Nudists Share Their Story

This is a video of another nudist community in Australia to give you an idea of what nudist community is all about (and what it is not!). One day our members will front the camera, but in the meantime, this will give you a good sense of our culture and values.

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