Astronomy Weekend, 7-8 November 2020

Astronomy is, at its core, about having a direct experience with the Universe.

The good folk of Naturi have decided that while Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are so well positioned to observe, we are going to enjoy an evening under the stars (and planets), taking in the awesomeness of the Universe!

Come along to Naturi on 7th November to share in the fun. We will have a BBQ together (BYO meat – and everything else), and then enjoy the wonders that the night sky has to offer. The BBQ will start about 6.30pm, and the astronomy will start from about 9pm, by which time it will be dark enough to start observing.

Rod will be bringing his massive telescope, which has a half-metre diameter mirror, which means better views than you will get at the Sydney Observatory! We’ll also have an 11 inch Schmidt Cassegrain courtesy of Brett, and a smaller refractor telescope, which is good for planetary viewing. Remember – no bright white lights please – put some red cellophane over your torch/ phone, or leave your torch at home!

We’ll have our usual monthly meeting on Sunday morning at 11am, at which time, amongst other things, we will be voting on Chris & Jo’s application to become members, and discussing our responses to the ANF presentation from the October meeting, and deciding if we want to re-join.

Come along and enjoy the naturist fellowship, and the warm weather!! Post below to confirm you are coming.

7 thoughts on “Astronomy Weekend, 7-8 November 2020

  1. Hi all, a quick update. All of the weather forecasts predict heavy cloud and even the possibility of rain tonight. Accordingly, we have had to cancel the astronomical observing for tonight. There will still be all of the good cheer to share tonight, so it should still be a fun evening.
    I will be arriving at about 7.15pm tonight, after attending a 50th birthday party for a mate in Sydney this afternoon, so I look forward to seeing everyone then!
    Final PS: Sharron is unwell, and so Wayne & Sharron will have to delay their first visit to the Club until next month. It will be lovely to welcome them as soon as they can make it along.
    Cheers! Rod


  2. Hi all well things are hoting up with bookings so far
    Greg & Diah dannys van
    Rod Pink van
    Chris & Jo Doris & Bernies van
    Brett & Jan yellow van
    Oleg & Deb pats van
    Leaves only the green van !
    Camping so far
    Terry & Ann naturi hgts
    Alisdair & Marie in the middle
    Baz & Sue normal spot

    Thats all I can remember , let me know of any changes & get in quick for the remainder of spots . Thanks Terry


  3. Terry – pink van for me please!
    I have to duck away on Saturday arvo to attend a friend’s party, but will be back by 8.30pm to kick of the astro night!! I won’t be around for the BBQ unfortunately.


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