Body Painting Weekend, 4-5 April 2020


UPDATE: Due to new COVID-19 Legislation banning non-essential gatherings of more than two people, we have had to cancel this event. It would be illegal for us to run this event at the moment. Stay safe everyone, and keep in touch through the website until we are able to meet again together.

Rod x

Dearest Naturi Friends,

We’re going to get creative with paints and paint brushes this coming Naturi weekend! Come along to enjoy the fun!

The plan will be to get painted up for Saturday dinner, paints supplied at a cost of $4 per person.  We’ll do a bring a share dinner that night too – don’t fuss, but just bring some smallish contribution to a communal meal. We’ll aim to eat together at about 7pm.

Our monthly meeting will be at 11am on Sunday 5th April.

Let us know below if you plan to be there, and of course liaise with Terry Trivago over your booking.

PS Please read my post on the Chalkboard about the AGM in March. A lot was discussed. Get your membership fees paid!



9 thoughts on “Body Painting Weekend, 4-5 April 2020

  1. Hi everyone booking I have so far

    Greg & Diah Dannys van

    Rod & Susannah Pink van

    Brett & Jan Yellow van

    Alasdair & Maree in the middle

    Terry & Ann Naturi hgts

    Hope to see many more of our friends up for the weekend
    (we can self isolate away from the problems of the world in our own piece of paradise)

    Thanks Terry


  2. Ann & I will be up on the Friday as normal looking forward to seeing everyone . Rod has your reservation !


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