March Fun & AGM

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Dear Naturi Friends,

After a bit of a quiet start to the year, we are back in full swing now, with a big gathering planned on the weekend of 7/8 March 2020! 

Although planning is in its early stages at this stage, what I have in mind is:


*3pm – petanque (boules) competition starting at 3.00pm, with teams of 2 people competing for the inaugural Naturi Cup 

*4.30pm – Happy Hour & Body Painting- bring a beverage and some nibbles to the covered area and for those willing, allow yourself be the canvas for a work of art!

*7.00pm – Bring and Share Dinner in the Club House


*11.00am AGM – goal-setting for the club this year, setting the calendar of events for 2020, membership fees, discussion re best use of grounds and potential re-arrangement of caravan sites etc.

*12.30pm Sunshine & Lunch on the Tennis Court – BYO everything.

I welcome any feedback on the above suggestions, and if we go ahead with Petanque and Body Painting, I am happy to organise everything!

“Love youse all!”

Rod x

7 thoughts on “March Fun & AGM

  1. Hi everyone , bookings for vans

    Rod & Susannah Pink van

    Greg & Diah Dannys van

    Brett & Jan Yellow van

    Nitin & Sue Pats van

    All campers in their normal spots I guess !

    Vans are filling up so get in quick if you require accommodation ! Thanks Terry


  2. Hola amigos.

    It’s been a really long time. Looking forward to see you guys. We’d be there.

    Terry, please book in a van for me and Sue.


    Nitin and Sue

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  3. OK all, so based on the posts on the Chalk Board, I have the following names as likely starters so far:

    *Terry & Ann
    *Greg & Dish
    *Bron & Steve
    *Baz & Sue
    *Rod & Susannah

    Who else can make it?

    Terry – can I book the Pink van please?


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