March Fun & AGM

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Dear Naturi Friends,

After a bit of a quiet start to the year, we are back in full swing now, with a big gathering planned on the weekend of 7/8 March 2020! 

Although planning is in its early stages at this stage, what I have in mind is:


*3pm – petanque (boules) competition starting at 3.00pm, with teams of 2 people competing for the inaugural Naturi Cup 

*4.30pm – Happy Hour & Body Painting- bring a beverage and some nibbles to the covered area and for those willing, allow yourself be the canvas for a work of art!

*7.00pm – Bring and Share Dinner in the Club House


*11.00am AGM – goal-setting for the club this year, setting the calendar of events for 2020, membership fees, discussion re best use of grounds and potential re-arrangement of caravan sites etc.

*12.30pm Sunshine & Lunch on the Tennis Court – BYO everything.

I welcome any feedback on the above suggestions, and if we go ahead with Petanque and Body Painting, I am happy to organise everything!

“Love youse all!”

Rod x

15 thoughts on “March Fun & AGM

  1. Hi all,

    It sounds like there is a good number planning to be at this event!

    Definites – Ann & Terry, Baz & Sue, Bron & Steve, Wen & Bill, Greg & Diah, Brett & Janelle, Geoff & Mary (for AGM), Rod = 15

    Possibles – Lani & Rudi, Susannah = 3

    Nots – Nitin & Sue = 2

    How about the rest of the Naturi family?!!


    1. Hi all,
      We are on holidays and will be in Melbourne over the weekend. Have a great time at Naturi and we’ll see you all next meeting.


  2. Hi all.

    Good news. We bought a house 😊.

    The settlement of the house is on March 13th, We’ve got A LOT to do to shift to the new place, and unwillingly, we’d have to bail out from this event.

    Sorry, we planned to share this news over drinks, but we didn’t anticipated this much of work.

    Sue’s special sweets for you all when we meet next.


  3. Hi everyone , bookings for vans

    Rod & Susannah Pink van

    Greg & Diah Dannys van

    Brett & Jan Yellow van

    Nitin & Sue Pats van

    All campers in their normal spots I guess !

    Vans are filling up so get in quick if you require accommodation ! Thanks Terry


  4. Hi guys, we will be there and are looking forward to catching up with everyone. @Dear Terry can we please book a van for the weekend. Greg and Diah

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  5. Hola amigos.

    It’s been a really long time. Looking forward to see you guys. We’d be there.

    Terry, please book in a van for me and Sue.


    Nitin and Sue

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  6. OK all, so based on the posts on the Chalk Board, I have the following names as likely starters so far:

    *Terry & Ann
    *Greg & Dish
    *Bron & Steve
    *Baz & Sue
    *Rod & Susannah

    Who else can make it?

    Terry – can I book the Pink van please?


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