Staying Safe During COVID-19 Season

Dear naturist friends,

We are entering a very strange period in our lives, where normal social rules are out the window as we try to protect ourselves from catching COVID-19. Nudists are quite comfortable with ignoring normal social rules, and so perhaps we will be better prepared than most!

For everyone’s safety, things are going to have to be a bit different at Naturi for a while. I am conscious that we have a number of members who are of an age, or with pre-existing health conditions, that mean that extra special care is needed.

NEW UPDATE (5 June 2020)

Hey everyone! It is now OK for up to 10 people to gather outdoors, and for people to travel and go on holidays across NSW. This means small groups can start to return to our beloved Naturi. 

There can’t be major events planned, or new visitors, until the laws are further relaxed, but in the meantime, let’s start to make use of the Club facilities! Please let Terry Travago know if you want to book accommodation.

I’ll advertise the next full gathering as soon as we get the go-ahead from the NSW government. 

UPDATE: Special COVID-19 Legislation passed on 30 March 2020 now makes it a criminal offence for more than two people (other than family members) to meet together for any non-essential purpose. Sadly this means that our monthly gatherings are now illegal for the time being. We live in strange times indeed!

Accordingly, I have no option but to cancel the event on 4/5 April 2020. I will update the website with developments as they arise in coming weeks/months. So sad 😦

We don’t have the luxury of having a meeting to discuss the rules that should apply at the Club until Sunday 5th April, and that will be too late, so as President I have decided to set some interim ground rules until we have a chance to discuss further together on 5th April:

  1. If you have any medical symptoms that could be indicative of having contracted COVID-19, or if you live with someone who has, or you have recently returned from overseas, please stay away until you/your family member has been cleared. 
  2. We must observe the 2m social-distancing rule, except within couples/families. Sitting in groups is OK if we strictly adhere to this fundamental rule. No hugging, handshaking, or nipple cripples!
  3. Each couple/family group must bring and only consume their own food and drink – no sharing – using their own plates/cutlery/glassware which they have brought from home and will take home with them.
  4. Each couple/family must bring their own supply of sanitising gel or soap and use these regularly throughout your time at the Club.
  5. The use of the pool and the sauna are banned until further notice.
  6. When using the toilet facilities, please use a sanitising wipe to clean the seat after use. I will bring some along for this purpose.
  7. If you observe others acting in way that suggests that they may have forgotten any of the above rules, please gently remind them!

I would urge those who have any health conditions that make them particularly susceptible to catching a virus to consider staying home altogether. There will many happy times ahead – be patient and wait this out.

Because of the above rules, the body painting activity for the weekend in April will need to be postponed until safer times. We will still get together that weekend, but it will be more quiet and chilled.

Thanks everyone for your understanding – and if you think of something else that might be helpful to add here, then please comment below!

Stay well,

Rod x

2 thoughts on “Staying Safe During COVID-19 Season

  1. We live in interesting times indeed where it is illegal to meet with friends. Thanks for keeping us safe and on the right side of the law Mr. President.


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