Weekend Gathering 4-5 July 2020!

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Hey Naturi Friends!

With the recent lifting of COVID restrictions, we are good to start meeting again at the Club! Our first full gathering will be taking on the weekend of 4-5 July, and all members are encouraged to come along and join in the fun!

On Saturday 4th July we will spend some time clearing, and the sound of chainsaws will fill the air with Maree’s approval to clear some of the unstable trees around the site. Everyone’s help would be very much appreciated with a general working bee.

Let’s do a bring-and-share on Saturday night in the Clubhouse, kicking off at about 6.30pm.

We will also hold a monthly members meeting in the Clubhouse on Sunday 5th July at 11am. It would be good to share ideas about future events at the Club for the rest of 2020.

Let us know below if you plan to come along, and of course arrange accomodation with Terry Trevago!

Rod x


7 thoughts on “Weekend Gathering 4-5 July 2020!

  1. Hi everyone, we will be there from Friday afternoon. The weekend before or after would suit us too if we decide to change. Greg and Diah

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    1. Hi everyone,
      Hope you are all well.
      We’re looking forward to catching up, however, the 4th is Maree’s birthday so we are fully booked.
      We’re free the weekend before and after……
      All the best,
      Alasdair .

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