Winter Christmas Pizza Weekend, 6-7 July 2019

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Winter weather calls for comfort food, hot and tasty. And when we put our heads together for ideas for Christmas in July, we thought…..why not pizza?!!! We have a fantastic wood-fired pizza oven, and with plenty of imagination, we can combine Christmas+Pizza to create something delicious!

Interested? Well come along on the weekend of 6-7 July and join in the fun!

Our thanks (again) to Terry and Ann for being our pizza chefs, the cost will be $15 per head to cover catering costs, and hopefully raise a few pennies for the Club to fund the ongoing costs of maintaining our Club.

Although only the bravest souls will brave the pool, the sauna awaits, and our slow-combustion fire will keep us warm, all weekend long.

Let us know below if you are coming for catering purposes, and of course if you want to stay in van, let the Master of Vans Terry know!




18 thoughts on “Winter Christmas Pizza Weekend, 6-7 July 2019

  1. So latest update after a few friends are unable to make this weekend
    Rod Yellow Van
    Greg & Diah Dannys Van
    Brett & Jan Green Van
    Bikie Pete Pink Van
    Baz & Sue usual spot
    Ann & I Naturi Hgts
    Steve & Bron Car park
    Geoff & Mary usual spot
    That’s it for now 14 for Pizza on Saturday night ! See you all there


  2. Unfortunately Steve has had to unexpectedly return to England so we will not be there for the pizzas. Hope to see you all at the next function.


  3. Quick update from
    Greg & Diah – Dannys van
    Rod – Pink van
    Steve & Nic – Yellow Van
    Brett & Jan – Green Van
    Nitin & Sue – Pats Van
    So at this point we are kinda full up , but we have 1 more van which could be available if req let me know !

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    1. I believe Pete (bike) will be using Bernies van so we are fully booked ,also camp spots are filling up as well ,
      Ann & I , Baz & Sue , Geoff & Mary , Steve & Bron all booked , see you all there !


  4. Hi everyone from what I recall from last meeting bookings are as follows –
    Steve & Nic – yellow van
    Rod – Pink van
    If I missed anyone let me know , Ann & I will be up on Friday arvo as normal , looking forward to another great weekend with all of you guys !


  5. Sorry guys we will be getting things ready for our big trip out to Birdsville. Wish you all the best with your pizza night. Hope to see some photos of everyone swimming. Cheers Maree and Alasdair

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    1. Hi all
      Unable to confirm due to work at this time so will have to see what happens.
      If we can we will just gate crash the party dudes & dudettes

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