Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend, 8-10 June 2019

Well ladies and gentlemen, winter is on its way, but that is not going to stop us! As last month’s gathering proved, plenty of fun can still be had in the nude when it is cold, especially when you have a fire and a sauna available!

We’re going to make the most of the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend by gathering right through to Monday. Some will be arriving on Friday, and others at various times over the weekend. Come when you can, and join in the fun.

As is becoming our habit of late, we plan to have a “bring and share” dinner on Saturday night, so please bring something as your contribution toward the group meal that night.

We’ll have our members meeting on Sunday 9th July when hopefully most people will be present to join in the group discussion.

Please let Terry know if you would like to book a van for the weekend. And hope to see you there!


11 thoughts on “Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend, 8-10 June 2019

  1. Hi everyone! I have had to make a change of plans – we need to run the still tomorrow, and I will therefore be at the distillery all day, into the evening. I will be too tired to come across after that, so my plan is just to come on Sunday/Monday. Terry I only need the van for Sunday night. The other thing is that, given that I will be distilling on Saturday, anyone who has not visited yet who would like to come and see and try some ageing spirit straight from the barrel (or who would like to come again!!), you are very welcome to join me! Just put some clothes on! Rod x


  2. Hi everyone update for vans is as follows
    yellow van Rod
    pink van Bill & Wendy
    dannys van Greg & Diah
    green van Steve & Nicole

    That leaves Pats van vacant at this stage, be quick as bookings are coming in fast !
    As far as Saturday nights dinner , I will bring a nice hot soup !
    See you all there !


  3. Hi all. We will be there 🙂 @ dear Terry can we please book Danny’s van for Saturday an Sunday nights. Thanks Greg and Diah


  4. So, picking up on the chatter on the Chalkboard, I can see that so far Bill and Wendy are coming, and are staying in the pink van!

    Terry, can you please book me into the yellow van for Saturday and Sunday nights?

    Who else is coming??



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