Tapas Night, 3 August 2019

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 9.17.14 pm

Dear Naturi Friends,

As the weather slowly warms, and we look to the end of winter, we are planning another night of foodie heaven in the Clubhouse!

Join us on the evening of Saturday 3 August 2019, as we share in a spread of finger food, catered by, well, everyone! That’s right, bring something modest to share, preferably something with a bit of flare!

Between the slow combustion fire and the sauna, we will have plenty to keep us warm! And if the sun should shine, then some crazy person (Brett!) might even take a plunge in the pool!

As always, Terry is the Master of Accommodation, so let him know if you plan to stay over so we can make sure a spot is reserved for you.

We’ll have our usual monthly meeting on Sunday 4th at 11am.

Hope to see you there!

14 thoughts on “Tapas Night, 3 August 2019

  1. Hi everyone it seems that we only a small number of members coming tonight, so perhaps we should consider postponing our dinner arrangements till next time. Our meeting will also be postponed till next month, those of you coming tonight we may go to the hotel for dinner ? Let me know your intentions .


  2. Hi all, I have had to change my plans sadly – family commitments require my total attention on Sat/Sun. I might be able to pop up on Friday night for a couple of hours to catch up with those who are there, but otherwise sadly I am going to have miss this month. Hope you all have a great weekend!! Rod x


  3. Hi, we are looking forward to sampling the various delights and will also be there on Saturday. @ Dear Terry, can we please book Danny’s van. Thanks Greg and Diah.

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