Nude Sports Weekend


Calling all nude athletes! Are you up for the challenge?

On the weekend of 1/2 April 2017, Naturi Sun & Health Club will be running a weekend full of sports and competition. Petanque, Table Tennis, Mini-ten. Heck, we might even have a Tiddlywinks championship! 

There are only two criteria for contestants. You must be naked. And you must not take it seriously – indeed there will be extra points awarded for complete silliness.

We would love to welcome visitors for this special event. So if you have always wondered what it would be like to play tennis in the buff, this is your chance! 

Contact us at or call Heinz on (02) 4370 1129 if you want to join in the fun!

15 thoughts on “Nude Sports Weekend

  1. Thanks for another fun weekend. Was looking forward to a game of pétanque but alas the mud and water change that for us. The game of pool and table tennis was good fun and as usual a lot of laughs.


  2. Hi all! We had a great day yesterday, the sunshine stayed with us until sun down, after which we got serious and started on some competitive games of darts, table tennis and snooker. The slow combustion fireplace ensured that we could stay in our club uniforms.
    Today the weather is looking a little less perfect, but that will not stop us! And with three new couples visiting today, what we lack in sunshine we will make up for in the warmth of community.
    See you today!


  3. Hi all, we’ve got lots of others coming too who have not posted here. Rocco & Lisa are coming later today, Steve & Nicole are coming tomorrow, and Brett & Janelle also definites for tomorrow. Who else is planning to come?!


    1. We have another new couple just confirmed as coming. Dan and Natalia. They will be here on Sunday. Great to hear you will be coming Terry and Ann. It’s getting bigger by the hour!!


  4. Hi everyone! Just touching base about arrangements for this weekend.

    Some members are otherwise committed, but those of us who can make it are going to have a hoot of a time, rain / hail / shine!!

    There is one new couple coming along, John and Helen, whom we will be welcoming on Sunday morning at about 10.30am. I am aware of some members who are only able to make it on Sunday. It looks like there will be about 10 people on Saturday, and possibly double that on Sunday.

    Extended family are popping in on my place on Saturday morning / early lunch, so I am planning to arrive at Naturi about 3.30pm. If weather is good, we will run a mini-ten competition starting from about 4pm to about 6pm, allowing those watching to down some wine & cheese etc (please bring to share). If weather is too wet for tennis on Saturday, we will do table tennis instead over that time frame, with wine & cheese indoors. In the evening after dinner, we could play darts (care required to protect vulnerable parts), and snooker/table tennis. I will bring some playing cards as well in case anyone wants to play some 500.

    Sunday – I suggest we have our competitions after the team meeting. Again, this will depend on the weather, and what we didn’t get to on Saturday, but I am keen for some competitive petanque!

    I will have some prizes for the winners of each competition. There will be a scoring system with points for and against to determine the overall winners.

    It is BYO everything.

    Hope to see you there!!



  5. We will now be there,just need to know if anyone will be there Friday night to let us in or we come sat morning


  6. Hi everyone, Nic and Steve will be coming (for their third visit) on Sunday. and Rudi & Lani will be here all weekend! Who else is planning to come? The more who come, the more sports fun is to be had!!


  7. Hi everyone! Just giving this a nudge to see who else might be coming. Post here if you intend being at the weekend, so I can work out the organisation around the games!


    1. Unfortunately this weekend coincides with our daughters 21st so Saturday is out but I’ll try to get to sunday’s meeting if I can “escape”! Would have loved to give Rod a run for his money at Miniten ! 😄


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