Bare Tracks Visit!

Naturi is excited to announce that on the weekend of 4-5 March, 2017, the good nudist folk of Bare Tracks, a non-landed nudist group will be visiting and staying over at Naturi. At least 7 couples from Bare Tracks are already confirmed. Here is what Naturi members Steve and Bron have written about the event:

Hi all! We’re planning a weekend at Naturi with the non-landed nudist club Bare Tracks. Put in your diaries the 4th & 5th March. Would love to see you all there. Please let us know ASAP so we can work out camp sites as van sites are limited. Thanks.  Steve & Bron

There’ll be lots happening over that first weekend in March. A number of members and returning visitors have indicated that they plan to be there, and both of our vans are already booked.

Our Members meeting will be on Sunday March 5th at 11am, hope everyone can make it. By the looks, we will have quite a few new member applications to consider, given how many recent visitors have indicated they want to join!

Stay happy and whatever you do, stay completely starkers!



33 thoughts on “Bare Tracks Visit!

  1. Thanks to all at Naturi and the Bare Tracks crew. Our visit was short but sweet, and we had a wonderful time.

    Rob & Maria


  2. Another great weekend. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather! Thanks also to everyone who helped to make it another enjoyable get together. Much appreciated. We’re glad everyone had a good time.


  3. Hey guys, Lisa and I may be coming up either Saturday or Sunday. Not sure we can stay the night as Lisa might have dog training on Sunday morning. Anyway we are trying to make it there one of those days…hopefully.
    Cheers Rocco


  4. Hi everyone! We have an overseas visitor on Saturday, but I am looking forward to being there bright and early on Sunday! Fingers crossed that this weather improves! Looks like being a huge turnout. Wow!
    For members – please remember that it is our AGM on Sunday, we’ll meet in the ClubHouse at 11. Rod


  5. Looking forward to this weekend…despite the rain!!! It’s still going to be a great weekend.

    Everyone is all booked and sorted where we will all fit (I hope..😆). As they say….it will turn out on the night.

    Safe travels everyone and see you when you get there.


    1. Looking forward to catching up , its been a while , will bring the brolly just in case ! see you after work on sat morn .


  6. Hi all, is there any members going on the Friday night ? As we would prefer to set up for two nights instead of one and not being members yet we cant get in .


  7. Hi Bruce and Lisa, we hope you and your group from Bare Tracks have a thoroughly enjoyable visit! The Club is growing steadily in its membership, and it will be nice to meet you and introduce you and your members to the Naturi mob. Fingers crossed for good weather (sunny, but not 40 degrees!!).


  8. Being what many would say as the fearless leader of Bate Yracks we are really looking forward to returning to Naturi and enjoying your grounds and meeting everone. It has been many a year since we have been and we have many memories of our past visits. I am also an authorised photographer and writer for TAN and am hoping I get something together of the visit for an upcoming edition. Thanks also to Steve and Bron for organising this. See you in March.


  9. Thanks Rod
    As you already know the 3rd is our wedding anniversary & we both agree there is nowhere else we would rather be than lounging around in the pool with friends at Naturi.


    1. Thanks Rod
      As you already know the 3rd is our wedding anniversary & we both agree there is nowhere else we would rather be than lounging around in the pool with friends at Naturi.


    1. Hi Bill n Wen, you booked the green van for that weekend with Heinz already, yes? (just making sure I am not going completely nuts). I know that Janelle & Brett have booked the large van for that weekend.


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