Mexican Movie Night, 6th May 2017


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Hola Amigos! Like bright colours, tequilas and spicy food? Then don’t miss our next major event – a Mexican-themed dinner and movie night, to be held on Saturday 6th May 2017.

This is a BYO everything night – so bring your sombreros, maracas and nachos (or whatever else you want to eat, drink and play), and join the party! Wear your mexican-themed items, or wear nothing at all – your choice!

During the evening we are going to be watching some very old video footage of Naturi Club, as well as the nudist themed movie, “Educating Julie.” It’s going to be a hoot!

As usual, our members meeting with be on Sunday morning, the 7th, at 11am. Plenty of people will be staying over at the Club all weekend, camping or staying in the caravans. Post here if you plan to come and stay over, and of course you will need to book with Heinz if you would like to hire one of the caravans.

Hope to see you there!

22 thoughts on “Mexican Movie Night, 6th May 2017

  1. Hi everyone, I have tried to download Educating Julie online tonight, and am getting “virus alert” messages. I am going to stop trying to protect my laptop. It is not available off the shelf from anywhere, so I plan to bring a selection of DVDs with me tomorrow, and we can pick something if we still want to watch a movie. The Naturi video is on an old video cassette format, so if anyone has a video cassette player, can they bring it please to plug in and use?? Thanks! Rod


  2. Senor Brett & Senora Janelle have some mexican cornbread, mexican milk cake and a magnifico piñata to throw into the mix.
    Aye caramba!

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  3. Hi everyone. Dan & Natalia would like to come this weekend, and just need to know who can let them in at the gate if they arrive at 10am on Saturday. I won’t be there that early – is anyone else going to be around at that time and can help?


  4. Hi everyone,

    I am planning to bring drinks as my contribution to the Mexican night. Some Tequila shots and some Corona beer.

    Looking forward to gobbling up the tacos that others are catering!!


  5. Hi from Bac Ha high up the mountains in NW Vietnam. Debbie and I will come and hoping for our usual camping spot. Mexican night is great idea and looking forward to see you all in sombreros.


    1. So happy you can return from Vietnam to be with us Oleg!! I’ll be there on Saturday until late in the evening, but can’t be there on Sunday because of a family christening in Sydney.


    1. So Steve & Bron.
      And everyone else please post ideas

      We will need to work out quantities so will need a list of attendees then see what everyone can bring.
      Here is a rough list & yes Steve after seeing that last culinary creation u did u will need to add to the list.

      Mince. How much
      Re fried beans
      Sour cream
      More cheese
      Different cheese
      Smokey Cheese


      1. That pretty much covers it!! We use a tin of Spanish beans that you add to mince….so good!!!!

        Don’t forget cheese 🧀
        I think 500g mince would do about 3 people.
        We could set it all out on the table in club house and make your own.


  6. Ola Amigos
    Janelle & Brett will be there on Saturday and have contacted Heinz about the other caravan for the Saturday night.
    Hoping the weather is good !
    Adios !


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