Heinz Memorial Dinner, 6 February 2021

It is difficult to believe that it was 2 years ago that our dear naturist friend and mentor, Heinz Ebert, passed away very suddenly. We miss his optimism and quirky sense of humour, his generosity and kindness, and his grandfatherly presence.

We owe Heinz an enormous debt of gratitude, in that it was only through his willingness to share his naturist paradise that the wonderful nudist community that now exists at Naturi, and the many life-long friendships it has created, was possible.

To honour Heinz’s memory, we are holding a special dinner on the evening of 6 February in the Naturi Clubhouse, kicking off at 6.30 pm. It seems only fitting that this is a “bring and share” event, as this is how Heinz would have liked it, each person’s contribution valued and special.

Heinz’s daughter Maree and her partner Ian have kindly accepted our invitation to attend, and no doubt we will share many stories together about Heinz. To ensure Maree and Ian feel as comfortable as possible, this will be a clothed event.

To ensure that as many members as possible can participate in the monthly meeting, I am moving this to 4.30pm on Saturday under the awning.

Also, as posted on the Chalkboard, the grounds are a bit of a mess following recent storms. It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could lend a hand to help tidy things up during the course of the weekend.

Please let us know if you are coming, and if so, what you will be bringing to the meal!

Rod x

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