Summer Holidays at Naturi!

Enjoy the sun and outdoors with your friends at Naturi this summer!

Dear Naturi Friends,

Oftentimes in past years, many of us have used the Christmas holiday season to visit other naturist venues around Australia. However, this year, with considerable doubt remaining around COVID travel restrictions, we have decided to enjoy the Summer Holidays at our very own piece of paradise at Naturi!

The plan is that from Boxing Day onwards, members of the Club will visit as much as possible, and some of us will be staying for many days (even weeks!!), making the most of our friendships and great location.

There are a stack of great holiday activities at our door step here near the Central Coast – great restaurants and cafes, beaches, bush walks, cinemas, etc. Whilst we won’t have a planned program, no doubt those who are staying at Naturi will come up with plans each day for those interested in venturing out. And for those who just want to chill with a book under a tree, or by the pool, well that sounds great too!

Let’s use this thread to post our plans for visiting Naturi over this time. And make sure you get Terry Trivago to set aside your accommodation needs. It’s going to be awesome!

Rod x

8 thoughts on “Summer Holidays at Naturi!

  1. What a shame that the wet weather has spoilt our fun this summer! Hopefully everyone has enjoyed time with family and friends. The sunshine cannot be too far away!

    Please feel free to visit the Club when you want over this summer break, and let everyone know if/when you are coming so that, as far as possible, we can catch up with each other.

    Stay COVID safe!!!



  2. Hi Friends, It is great to see members enjoying the Club at this special time of year!

    Please remember that we need to restrict our numbers to a maximum of 10 at any one time, so as to comply with NSW Health rules. It is therefore crucial that if you are planning to visit over this period, you post here so that we avoid any potential for exceeding 10 people.

    Update from me – I have been battling a cough (I’m COVID negative, so don’t panic). I had hoped to be well enough to come today, but I am going to give myself another quiet day of rest. I’ll be there tomorrow morning (29th). My kids want some time with me while on the Coast, so on the 30th I need to disappear late morning for the rest of the day. I will be back on the morning on the 31st for another full day at Naturi before heading home late afternoon. I am also hoping to come for a day in the first week of January with Susannah. I understand that Baz and Sue are also thinking about coming in early January depending on what the COVID restrictions are.

    It looks like the emergency COVID measures are doing their job, and things are coming under control. Hopefully our February gathering can go ahead, but I will keep everyone updated in coming days/weeks!

    Rod x


  3. Hi all
    Bill & Wendy will be there with our caravan in our usual spot ( Cranebrook Heights) from the 27th December through to the new year & beyond.
    So have a very Merry Christmas & see you all there.

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  4. Ann & I will be up on boxing day , staying for 6 -7 days or maybe longer looking forward to seeing as many of you guys as possible .


  5. Hi everyone, I plan to be at Naturi from 27 December to 31 December at this stage, and. Susannah will join us for a couple of those days. I might also pop over for day visits the following week, depending on other commitments.
    Terry, can you please set aside the pink van for me for those dates? Cheers!

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