Spring Festival & Bonfire, 8 September 2018


It’s that time of year again – to clear the grounds and make Naturi ready for the warm months ahead. In the cooler months we have built up a massive stockpile of branches and cuttings, and it is time to let loose the inner pyromaniac and let rip!!!

Join the Naturi crew for a fun weekend of socialising and working together to make our little piece of paradise all we know it can be. Members are encouraged to arrive as early as they can on Saturday 8th September, with gardening gloves, rakes etc, and we will work our magic together.

In the late afternoon we will light the bonfire, and enjoy Pulled Pork Burgers together, courtesy of Ann & Terry, our resident foodies. Cost of $10 per head to cover the burgers, and bring plenty of liquid refreshments to keep you going!

Our monthly meeting in September will be held on Sunday 9th September (rather than the usual first Sunday of the month). 

Make sure you post here if you are planning to come, for catering purposes. And book your van early, because for our last weekend together, we ran out of accommodation for everyone!!

17 thoughts on “Spring Festival & Bonfire, 8 September 2018

  1. OK, so here is the update on numbers from those who have posted etc. Hope it’s right?!

    Here for the weekend:
    Ann & Terry
    Brett & Janelle
    Bron & Steve
    Geoff & Mary
    Nitin & Sue
    Peter (motorbike)
    Heinz & Pam
    = 15

    Coming just for Saturday (no dinner):
    Bazz & Sue

    Not able to come:
    Nicole & Steve

    Ann & Terry – I am thinking perhaps we aim to cater for 20, just in case we get a few others that are not active on the website, or who might have said they were planning to come at the meeting last month???


  2. Hi everyone..we will be there for the clean up on the Saturday but unable to stay for the evening. We have a 50th birthday we must attend.
    Sad we are missing out.
    Cheers Sue and Baz xx


    1. Further the message above, I have confirmed the pink van for Nitin and Partner, and they do want dinner Terry & Ann (although maybe without the buns??) – thanks!!


  3. Hi everyone, we have a new couple (Nitin and his wife) coming to this weekend, and staying in a van (I am just awaiting confirmation with Heinz re which one). Can we please include them in catering please Ann and Terry??

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