Winter Christmas Party, 28 July 2018

Come and join in our next nudist social event together, our Winter Christmas Party, on 28th July at the Naturi Clubhouse.

To get into the spirit, we are encouraging everyone to come up with a “fancy undress” item of Christmas dress, be it a hat, something glittering and dangly, or even some body paint!!

The fireplace will ensure that we can be nude and cosy all at the same time!

Our fabulous volunteer chefs Ann and Terry will be catering a Christmas feast including ham, turkey, pork, roasted pumpkin & gravy, and Janelle & Brett are making trifle and Christmas pud. Yum!!!

The meal will start at 6pm sharp, so please bear that in mind when planning your arrival!

To help our catering team, and hopefully to raise some funds for our club, the charge per head is going to be $20. We need to know well ahead of the event how many people to cater for, so please RSVP as soon as you know that you are coming.

I would your help in filling our clubhouse with Christmas decorations during the Saturday afternoon.

Hope you can join us!

13 thoughts on “Winter Christmas Party, 28 July 2018

  1. Hi all Ann will be purchasing all food for Xmas dinner on Thursday , we will be up on Friday , so we need to know numbers , at this point 16 I think , it makes life difficult if you R.S.V.P on Saturday . Let us know Thanks


  2. Hi guys, sorry to say but Nat and I won’t be able to make it to the Christmas in July dinner tonight due to unforeseen family matters. Hope you all have a great time as we’re sure you will. Our apologies Dan & Nat


  3. So folks, based on our discussions at our last monthly meeting, the following people have indicated they are coming to our Winter Christmas Party: Terry & Ann, Brett & Janelle, Geoff & Mary, Dan & Natalia, Phil & Vic, Heinz & Rod. That makes 12. Who else??!!!

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