Christmas Party, 16th December 2017

Christmas is so good, we reckon it should be celebrated twice every year!. Not to be outdone by our Christmas in July (which to be honest was largely enjoyed INDOORS), on Saturday 16th December we will be enjoying our summer Christmas party with plenty of sunshine, dips in the pool and general silliness.

Once again we are lucky to have Ann & Terry catering a delicious hot Christmas meal for us. Cost will be $15 per head. BYO drinks.

Christmas music and Christmas cheer will also be on the menu!

Although we will all be in our club uniform (i.e. nude), there will be a prize for the person who can come up with the most inventive Christmas apparel accessory.

It would be great if members can plan to stay overnight to make a full weekend of naturist community time together. What better time of year to take a couple of days out of our busy calendars to chill au naturel together?

If you are planning to come, please let us know on this blog page or on the Chalkboard so we can cater for everyone!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Party, 16th December 2017

  1. OK, so a few updates for Saturday’s party.

    I have had quite a few of our past visitors etc reply to my invitation to say for various reasons they could not come.

    Rudi & Lani are coming (as per Chalkboard).

    So at this stage I have 25 definites, and then maybe Robert & Sue. So I think we are spot on with catering plans.

    See you all on Saturday.



  2. OK, so based on comments at the last monthly meeting, comments here and emails to me, below is the current list of attendees. If you are planning to come, please chime in and tell us, so that Ann & Terry can cater for you. Apologies if I have forgotten someone.

    The 2 Peters
    Ann & Terry
    Janelle & Brett
    Steve & Nicole
    Debbie & Oleg
    Phil & Vic
    Wen & Bill
    Steve & Bron (no longer able to come)
    Barry & Sue
    Rocco & Lisa
    Carolyn & Craig

    That makes 25 23.

    I can’t remember if Robert & Suz said they could make it?

    Most of the people I sent email invitations to, who have been in contact with the club in the last year or so, are yet to respond to me. I will post updates here if any more people respond in the affirmative.

    Ann & Terry – I think we are looking at high 20s at this stage, but perhaps a headcount of 30 would be a safe for catering purposes…


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