Astronomy Night, 18th November 2017

Want to know more about the night sky? Ever had the chance to look through a telescope to view planets and stars?

Several members of our club are keen amateur astronomers and they are looking forward to the opportunity to share their passion with Club members on the evening of 18th November. We will have three telescopes on hand (10 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches), plus a guide to give us tour of the night sky, answering all of your questions and reminding us just incredible the universe is, and how special it is that we can observe and comprehend it (at least in part).

This is a self-catering event. No need for members to bring extras for others, or we will have 10x the amount of food required!

(Pssst… Terry has plans to fire up our new outdoor pizza oven to make some entree sample pizzas for us to share – but quantities will be small and will just be a snack).

We will eat together at about 6.30pm and then turn our attention to the night sky as it gets darker after about 8.30pm.

Some members are making a full weekend of it – staying overnight. Hope you can join us!

7 thoughts on “Astronomy Night, 18th November 2017

  1. Hi to all, flying back to Sydney tomorrow. Debbie and I are looking very much forward to see you all on Saturday. It seems we will be looking at clouds again but who cares, we should still have great time.


  2. Hi everyone! So I have splashed out and bought a 10 inch GOTO telescope in lieu of my hotly anticipated much larger new telescope which will not be finished in time for the event. So we now have 3 telescopes for the event – mine, Brett’s and Phil’s. My fingers and toes are crossed that the weather co-operates!

    At our monthly meeting last weekend, we decided that each person /family should just cater for themselves at this event. In the past when we have had “bring and share” each of us thought we had to cater for 25 people, and we ended up with a mountain of food that could have fed a thousand people!

    We have been making a list of attendees – we think we have about 22 names so far, and growing. Let us know if you are coming! So far, the names we have are:

    Terry & Ann
    Brett & Janelle
    Phil & Vicky
    Oleg & Debbie
    Nicole & Steve
    Bron & Steve
    Bill & Wen
    Barry & Sue
    Peter (Audi)

    Visitors – Craig & Carolyn, possibly Trevor



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