Pasta, Pirates & Port! 12-13 October 2019

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Ahoy me bilge rats and buxom beauties!!! Who will walk the plank and take the plunge? 

Come along and join us for a Kracken good night on the HMS Naturi on the night of Saturday 12 October, as we enjoy a veritable feast of port and pasta, and find out once and for all who is the most credible pirate amongst us! ARRR!

If my notes from the last meeting serve me correct, we are grateful to the following for catering on the night:

*Terry & Ann – pasta for everyone plus 2 sauces, Brett & Janelle – 2 sauces

*Baz & Sue and Alisdair & Marie – salads

*Rod – port

Our monthly meeting will be the following day, Sunday 13th, at 11am.

Please let us know ahead of time if you’ll be there! We’d love your company!!!


19 thoughts on “Pasta, Pirates & Port! 12-13 October 2019

  1. Hi everyone, it looks as though there will be more people here tonight than tomorrow, so we will have the meeting tonight at 7.30pm. Apologies to those who miss this message, we are just trying to be realistic. Cheers! Rod


  2. Hi all, good to see quite a few able to come along to our Pirate weekend!

    Confirmed attendees:
    Ann & Terry
    Nicole & Steve
    Greg & Diah
    Geoff & Mary
    Phil & Vic
    Brett & Janelle
    Baz & Sue
    Alisdair & Marie

    That makes 17. Not bad so far!

    Apologies – Nitin & Sue

    Unfortunately I now have a commitment elsewhere on the Sunday (so I will put in some work on Saturday in lieu of the working bee), so perhaps Phil could chair the meeting??



  3. Nitin and Sue has prior engagements on 12th weekend, but we are coming this weekend; it’d been long and felt we’ve to break the absence. Anyone else who’s planning to be there?

    Terry, need your help with the van booking; 4th and 5th night.


    1. No problems mate , use whichever you like at this stage not sure if any others will be there but I am sure you will enjoy your time anyway !


    2. Hi Nitin & Sue, I am waiting for delivery of some dining chairs today, depending on when they are delivered, I would be planning to pop up later in the afternoon or this evening. Will give you an update. Cheers!


  4. Hi everyone, as you are all aware the bush fire season is upon us , therefor I would like to organize a working bee on the sunday morning before our meeting . Main areas of concern are clubhouse area & camp area removal of sticks twigs leaves , so bring a rake & lets tidy up a bit . thanks Terry


  5. Arrrgghh me hearties, we will set sail for Naturi. Dear Bosun Terry, can we please book a 2 berth cabin, but not on the poop deck. Thanks One Leg Greg and Dashing Diah

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