Bollywood Curry Night, 3 Nov 2018

The weather is warming up, and so is the food! On the weekend of 3-4 November 2018, we will be turning up the chilli dial to enjoy some delicious indian curries together. 

Cost will be $10/head. Dinner will be served at 6pm on Saturday 3rd. Bring your own drinks.

Many of us will be staying for the full weekend. Fingers crossed we get some sunshine!

Post here if you plan to join us, for catering purposes!

5 thoughts on “Bollywood Curry Night, 3 Nov 2018

  1. OK – so here is the list of confirmed attendees to date:

    Rod (pink van)
    Greg & Diah (Danny’s van)
    Nitin & Sue (tent)
    Terry & Ann (own van, usual spot)
    Geoff & Mary (own van)
    Brett & Janelle (green van)

    Who else is coming to our Bollywood night??!!


  2. Booking of vans – Just confirming that Danny’s van has been booked for Greg and Diah, and I have booked the pink van for the weekend, confirmed with Heinz yesterday. Get in quick if you need a van for this weekend.


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