Unofficial Easter Gatho, 31/3 – 2/4

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 4.35.17 pm

Although some of us are a bit busy over the Easter weekend with family responsibilities, we thought for those of us looking for some nudey time, we should avail ourselves of the opportunity before things get too cold, and have a cheeky Easter informal gatho at Naturi.

So come along if you can, and post here if you are planning to pop in over the Easter weekend, and let’s spread some cheeky chocolate cheer together!

BYO everything!

PS It was decided at our March meeting that we would not hold our usual monthly meeting on 1st April as many people will have family commitments. The next monthly meeting will be at 11am on Sunday 8th April.

2 thoughts on “Unofficial Easter Gatho, 31/3 – 2/4

  1. Hi everyone Ann & I will be up for the easter w/end ( will buy the new fridge & tidy up around Dannys van ) & hopefully others will join us & make another memorable weekend !


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