Nudist Art Gallery Event

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On 30th January 2018, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is hosting a tour for nudists of an art exhibition of artist Pipilotti Rist. Attendees will be required to be completely nude for this event. The artist, who will lead the tour, will be nude too.

We are organising a tour group of Naturi members. We will need to be at the gallery at 6.45am for a 7.00am commencement. We plan to grab breakfast together afterwards.

More info regarding the gallery event and ticket booking details are here.

Club secretary Rod has purchased 7 tickets for this event before they sell out- email Rod directly at to let him know if you want to claim 2 of them. Or contact the gallery direct to secure further tickets. Tickets are $27 each.

Once we know who is going, we can confirm meet-up details for this event.

Hope lots of members can make it. Those of us who made it to the nudist tour of the Art Gallery of NSW in 2017 were not disappointed. It should be amazing!


5 thoughts on “Nudist Art Gallery Event

  1. HI everyone! Well Gary, Cheryl and I had a great time at this event. We missed the rest of you!!

    Wow! What an experience. It is fair to say that the artwork is on the fringes of what we are familiar with, but it worked well for a nudist event. In most cases, the artworks consisted of short videos projected onto sheets, orbs, furniture, the ceiling etc etc, and so having nude bodies wandering around mean that often the imagery was cast onto our bodies.

    The artist was exploring the idea that we are part of nature, that we are mammals, that we are connected to things we often think of as outside of ourselves. Perhaps the best example of this was a room of beds – we all got to lie down on beds, and look up at two videos being projected onto the ceiling. The videos were of scenes taken just below the water in a lake – looking up – and so it felt as though we were under the water looking up to the blue sky above, and feeling the water and plants etc around us. It was a crazy feeling, almost like I should be gulping for air!

    In all there were about 30 people plus about 6 gallery staff. The guide was naked, as were most of the gallery staff, which made for an interesting interaction between nudists and non-nudists, experiencing the artwork together. Although most people kept to themselves or their small groupings (couples etc), there was some interaction between us which felt quite normal.

    The tour ran for about an hour, and then we got to have nude breakfast together on the roof balcony, in the sunshine, looking out over the ocean liner terminal! How nice it would be to be able to be nude in the Sydney sunshine like this every day! It was probably my favourite part of the session!

    This was my second experience of attending a nudist art gallery tour. It is interesting how being naked in such a setting still raises my heart rate. Having been a nudist for 15 years, and having spent the previous long weekend at Twin Falls, nude and completely chilled for 50 hours straight, it is odd that my body would register this experience as somehow new and challenging. Maybe it’s the sense of transgressing the usual social rules that apply in such a famous and public location – given that at any other time of year, I would be arrested for indecent exposure.

    Would I do it again? Yeah, absolutely! Hopefully next time, a few more of my Naturi friends will be able to join me!


  2. Hi everyone, this event has sold out through the MCA, so my remaining 4 tickets are hot property!! I have started approaching people in the wider naturist community to see if they are interested, so if you are thinking of coming, let me know ASAP, or you will miss out!! Rod


  3. The silence is deafening! Is everyone too shy to take their nudity to a city art gallery? Well Gary and Cheryl have put their hand up, and will be joining me. So I have 4 more tickets left. Unless I get some takers soon, I will offer them to other people I know who might be interested, so get in quick if you are interested!


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