Nude at the Art Gallery of NSW!

Six members of Naturi had the exciting opportunity to participate in a nude event at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney on 23 January 2017.

Part of the Festival of Sydney, the event was built around a touring exhibition from the Tate Gallery (London), featuring over 100 paintings all united by the theme of exploring human nudity. The most astonishing work was the kissing couple, a massive sculpture by French artist Rodin. But there¬†were all sorts of other artworks covering many¬†hundreds of years of mainly western art. My favourites were the three artworks by Pierre Bonnard, all featuring the artist’s wife, as she bathed. Beautiful colours and shapes, as well exploring the textures of the skin.

Add to this amazing assemblage of artworks 7 dancers from the Sydney Dancer Company, lean and athletic, dancing completely naked amongst these artworks, sharing their responses to the art. By being naked, the dancers brought the subject matter of the artworks alive, reminding us that all of the images contained in the gallery were reflections of former living and breathing humans, in all of their vulnerability.

To cap things, for this event the audience was not only allowed to be naked, but was required to be naked. 150 of us, naked together, forming another artwork as a community of people brought together as one in our innocence, and in our combined experience of the dances and of the artworks. For a short period, I was part of the artwork, and it felt electric.

Thanks to Phil, Vicky, Debbie, Gary and Cheryl for your company. It was a great experience to share with you.

Credit to Festival of Sydney, 2016-17, for this photo



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