Chalk Board


Welcome to our Members Chalk Board! 

This is the spot where members chat about their plans to visit Naturi, to co-ordinate visits, to holler for some help, and generally get excited about our nudist community.

Remember – if you want to chat about an upcoming event – you can post comments about that event at the relevant story in the Events Section of this website.

So members… chat away!

PS Photos below capture some recent memories!


478 thoughts on “Chalk Board

  1. Hi All,
    Just a reminder that annual membership fees are due for those who haven’t already paid. New bank account details available on this site, or paid in person if preferred.
    Van/camping fees / event & dinner payments can also be paid directly into the account.
    With thanks,
    The bean counter

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  2. Hi everyone!
    I have posted the next event, which is a Mexican night on the first weekend in August. Make sure you post if you are coming. Thanks to Ann & Terry who will be catering for this event. Also, I am expecting there will be a few visitors this month, so please make them welcome.
    Rod x


    Hi everyone! With COVID laws beginning to relax a little, we can begin to slowly wind back into gear at Naturi.

    Social distancing laws still preclude outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people, and so we are not yet in a position to have fully-fledged weekend gatherings, or to welcome newcomers. However, it is perfectly OK now for small groups to start returning to the Club. Just remember – observe physical distancing laws, wash your hands, and if you have any flu-like symptoms, stay at home!! Also, if you want to stay overnight, let Terry Travago know to avoid any confusion!

    It is possible that laws will be relaxed in time for the first weekend in July, but if not, August is looking very positive. I will promote a gathering on the website as soon as this issue is clarified – so look out for updates!

    Love you’se all!

    Rod x

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  4. So glad to hear. Please give her our love. Will continue to keep her in our prayers. Thanks for the update. xx


  5. Thank you for for your support &well wishes Mary’s operation went well it was an 8 to 9 hr opp she is recovering well hope to see you all soon thanks Geoff


    1. Great news Geoff. Please give Mary our love and best wishes and we look forward to seeing you both soon. Maybe Mary will even have a couple of new stories for us.


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