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Welcome to our Members Chalk Board! 

This is the spot where members chat about their plans to visit Naturi, to co-ordinate visits, to holler for some help, and generally get excited about our nudist community.

Remember – if you want to chat about an upcoming event – you can post comments about that event at the relevant story in the Events Section of this website.

So members… chat away!

PS Photos below capture some recent memories!


379 thoughts on “Chalk Board

  1. Hi everyone, just confirming coming events, as discussed at our meeting in September:

    *Pasta, pirates and port night on 12th October, with members meeting on 13th at 11am (see Events page)
    *Bring and share dinner on 2nd November, with members meeting on 3rd at 11am
    *Christmas Disco 1970s theme on 7th December, with final members meeting for the year on 8th at 11am
    *There will be no meeting during January 2020.

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  2. Hi all, sorry we missed the Spring weekend and monthly meeting. Please kindly let us know thr dates for the next event so we can join. Many Thanks Greg and Diah


  3. Thanks to everyone who has made a contribution to making the Club grounds look so fabulous! All of the sweat and effort is worth it – the place is looking great at the moment.


  4. Hi everyone bookings for this weekend are Greg & Diah in dannys van , Steve & Bron in the pink van , booked for sat night only , Ann & I will be up on Friday arvo . Let me know if any other bookings are req . Thanks Terry


    1. Update @ bookings.terry Our fearless leader Rod will be joining us and residing in the green van, so we have for Saturday night Rod (green van ) Greg & Diah (dannys van) & for Friday & Sat Steven & Bronwyn (pink van) Wendy & William (yellow van) Ann & I own van( Naturi heights) only 1 van left ,be quick or miss out on the fun. see you all there thanks Terry


      1. Apologies, we cannot attend this meeting, enjoy! catch up soon.


        Rudi & Lani

        On Wed, 3 Apr. 2019, 1:33 pm Naturi Sun & Health Club terrygpcautomotivecomau commented: “Update @ bookings.terry Our fearless > leader Rod will be joining us and residing in the green van, so we have for > Saturday night Rod (green van ) Greg & Diah (dannys van) & for Friday & Sat > Steven & Bronwyn (pink van) Wendy & William (” >


  5. Hi guys, Diah and l will join the weekend on 6th and 7th. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. @Dear Terry, can we please book Danny’s van for the Saturday night. Cheers Greg and Diah


  6. Hi y’all! Just a few updates – as per the home page, at our recent meeting in March we decided to do 2 things in April – our usual meeting weekend on the first weekend in April, with the members meeting on Sunday 7th April at 11am, and then we have our Easter weekend running from 19-22 April, with a Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday 20th April at 7pm. Please post your comments here in this Chalkboard to discuss arrangements for the first weekend in April, but in the Events section for the Easter weekend!!

    PS there had been some discussion about potentially visiting Emu Nest next weekend – but at our last members meeting we decided to postpone that until we have a clearer idea about our future at our present location, so maybe later in the year…

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  7. Hi everyone, Mick & Kath, who were at Naturi in January and who are longstanding friends of some of Naturi’s members have kindly invited all of us to stay over at their naturist place called Emu’s Nest, which you may have seen featured in TAN magazine. What they have proposed is that we come over on the weekend of 30-31 March. They are happy to charge us $30/head, which would include being able to stay in our own tents/trailers etc and they would feed us dinner on Saturday night and brekky on Sunday morning. I will be asking for an indication of who is interested at our gathering this weekend so that Mick and Kath have an idea of who is likely to come. We can discuss in greater detail this weekend, and/or email me privately if you want to know more. Cheers! Rod


      1. It is in the Wiseman’s Ferry area. I cannot post the address publicly as it is not open to members of the general public, and is on Kath and Mick’s private property.


  8. Hi everyone, I received the following lovely message from Maree this morning:

    Hi, So good of you to attend yesterday, plus the other members who
    came too.. Would you please thank all of the members who attended
    yesterday and thank them all for the beautiful bunch of flowers. They
    smell so good! Also thanks for the pat on the back for Eric…


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    1. I want to say how comforted I was to have so many Naturi members join with Heinz’s family and our many friends on Saturday. He was such a special man, kind, humble, caring, reliable, always ready to help others, asking nothing in return. It was a lovely day of friendship and from comments received, it was successful in that everyone could share their various happy memories of Heinz. This was a great comfort to all of us in our grief, and he will certainly not be forgotten by so many.

      I would like to thank Rod and all Naturi friends for the beautiful bouquet of flowers, their colour and perfume give me great joy still.
      Wishing the club every success in wherever the future takes them. For myself, it has been a pleasure to get to know you all and for the great way you welcomed me (even though I was not in uniform). Wishing you well, fond regards Pam Morgan Jones.

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      1. H Pam, thanks so much for your lovely words, both here on our website, but also at the family gathering last weekend. It was a very moving occasion, and lots of wonderful memories as well as some surprises – things I never knew about Heinz! We hope to stay in touch with you, and you are always very welcome, in or out of uniform!!! Love Rod x


  9. Thanks to all of the Naturi members who came to the memorial lunch for Heinz today. The family was blown away by how many people came, from so many groups that Heinz was a member of – the Wagner group, the philosophist group, the German group, the bushwalking group, and of course Naturi, along with family, neighbours etc. Many heartwarming stories were shared, it is incredible what you learn about a person after they have passed away. The common thread was just how much everyone respected Heinz as a gentle and wise man with a heart of gold. Rest in peace dear Heinz. x


    1. Feels stupid. I had in my mind that the dinner is on 9-10 March weekend. Just read the Event page to find it was yesterday. Sorry for my absence everyone.

      You’d be remembered Heinz.


      1. Hi Nitin – the event yesterday was organised by Heinz’s children and was open to everyone – lots of locals and friends of Heinz from various community groups he was associated with. The event that Naturi is holding on 9th March is the dinner, which Maree is coming to, so all good – don’t fret! Looking forward to seeing you and Sue!


    1. Thanks Ann & Terry! I am juggling a party for my daughter which kicks off at 5pm, so I can’t get there early I am sorry.

      I have picked up two beautiful bunches of flowers, though, one for Maree and one for Pam.

      See y’all up there at 1pm!


  10. It is good to see that some of us can come to the memorial lunch on 23rd Feb. I see no problem with people staying over at the Club over that weekend. Maree expects the lunch will be over by 3pm – so my one request is that we avoid any vehicular traffic along the driveway in front of Heinz’s house during the event, until perhaps 3.30pm to be safe. Rod


  11. Hi everyone! A couple of updates…. the memorial lunch with Heinz’s family will be held on Saturday 23rd February at 1pm. Members of Naturi are welcome to come along. I will be there, and I sincerely hope there can be a large turnout from the Naturi group to show the family how much Heinz was loved by us.

    Also, Maree and her boyfriend Ian have accepted our invitation to dinner at the Club on 9th March, but unfortunately Eric cannot make it. I confirm therefore that this will be a clothed event, and I would ask members to dress no later than 5pm, well before their arrival. I will keep you updated when I get other RSVPs.

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    1. Can you pls co firm if you are getting our replies? I replied to lunch on 23rd Feb and memorial weekend 9-10 March for Rudi and I but doesn’t seem to feed through, if we can also book a van for 23rd Feb and 9th March pls


      1. Hi Lani & Rudi, it’s great to hear from you! No, the other messages have not appeared on the naturi email feed – not sure what has happened there?? It will be great to see on those weekends. Just one thing – Terry now handles the bookings of vans – so I will ask Terry to be in touch to work out what is possible there. Cheers, Rod


      2. Hi Lani & Rudi I have booked you in to Pats van for the weekend of 9th of march (see events section) at this time I have no bookings for the 23rd of Feb so you can use the pink van if that’s ok with you guys. thanks Terry


    2. Hi Rod just wanted to get your thoughts on staying over on this weekend , would the family and friends be ok with us towing vans ect up to site or should we be a bit more conservative perhaps , waiting on your guidance as have had a request for van booking from Lani & Rudi , also what do other members think ?


      1. Hi all, sorry we cannot make it this weekend as something has come up urgently. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sun whiles it lasts. Greg and Diah.


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