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Welcome to our Members Chalk Board! 

This is the spot where members chat about their plans to visit Naturi, to co-ordinate visits, to holler for some help, and generally get excited about our nudist community.

Remember – if you want to chat about an upcoming event – you can post comments about that event at the relevant story in the Events Section of this website.

So members… chat away!

PS Photos below capture some recent memories!


520 thoughts on “Chalk Board

  1. Hi all. Maree has helped us by burning off the 2 piles of garden waste beside the incinerator, but the material in the incinerator has turned into compost and will not burn. If we have enough willing hands, we can clean it out and spread it around the bush in October.


  2. Hi everyone , hope you all received Diah,s email re next meeting , let me know your accommodation requirements , hope to see as many members as possible . Thanks Terry


  3. Hi everyone just a reminder that the meeting will be held on the long weekend , for any accommodation requirements let me know . Thanks Terry


  4. Hi All,
    Looking forward to catching up with everyone at the working bee next Saturday morning and hope for some clear weather. After being stuck in the US with covid are now back healthy and ready to hassle people to pay their membership fees! Now have 17 paid up members , so if you are still not yet “official “ please transfer funds ASAP. Our bank balance is healthier but every dollar counts. Thanks also to Terry for sorting van and site usage as it has made payment of same so much easier.
    See you all Saturday!


  5. Hi everyone Ann & I are at naturi till Sunday , expecting some company in a few days but if any other members are at a lose end come on up pool is amazing !


  6. Hi everyone long time since I have had to list booking but this is what we have for the coming weekend !

    Greg & Diah Yellow van (presidential suite) fri & sat
    Brett & Jan Pink van fri & sat
    Alistair & Sonia Dannys van (visitors) sat only I believe ?
    Oleg & Deb Pats van sat & sun

    Campers in there normal spots include
    Terry & Ann
    Steve & Bron ?
    Alisdair & Maree
    Baz & Sue
    All on fri & sat
    Let me know if anyone else is expected !
    Thanks your booking agent Wotif Terry !


    1. Hi Everyone,
      Sorry we won’t be able to join you this weekend. Unfortunately changes to our family get together plans have intervened.
      Congrats to the new committee executive and a Merry Christmas to you all.


    2. Thanks Terry for organising vans and camping again, and for all the members who have promptly paid for the weekend. Almost everyone has “coughed up “ so beware the new look hard arse treasurer armed with a list of debtors and books to balance.
      Also when possible please pay membership costs which will cover till end of 2002.Currently 6 paid up members already!
      Looking forward to seeing everyone in February, and I promise not to abscond with the club funds and put it on black at Vegas!
      El Tesorero


  7. Hello Naturi Friends,

    I have no news. We are still waiting to receive the Licence Agreement, and without a signed agreement we cannot hold our gathering over Easter. I must regrettably advise that we are going to have to abandon plans to meet up next weekend at the Club.

    Naturi is of course not just about the place, but first and foremost about the people. It may be that some of us can gather together at each others’ houses over this period for smaller catch-ups.

    Fingers, toes and testes crossed that we will have something in place very soon. In the meantime, stay safe and happy!

    Rod x


  8. Hi everyone, a few updates:

    *Maree has now been able to secure ongoing insurance over the property, so this issue is now resolved. Excellent news!!

    *I have forwarded to the Estate lawyers all of the names & addresses of everyone who have indicated a willingness to be part of the licence agreement. Those people are: me & Susannah, Brett & Janelle, Ann & Terry, Barry & Sue, Oleg & Debbie, Greg & Diah, Alasdair & Maree, both Peters, Bron & Steve and Geoff & Mary. This makes 20 in total. Phil & Vic have decided to opt out. If anyone else wants to be included, but have not indicated so, please call me ASAP on my new number 0407 543212.

    *I have asked L Rundle & Co that the Licence Agreement be executed as soon as practicable, and have noted our hope to have a gathering over the Easter weekend. Fingers crossed. I won’t post the event as happening until it is confirmed that this deadline will indeed be met.

    Cheers, Rod x

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  9. Hi everyone!

    Unfortunately the gathering we had planned for 13/14 March has had to be cancelled. We are still in the process of sorting out a licence agreement for the members to be able to continue to use the site, and it will take a bit longer for that to be in place.

    Hopefully we will be able to proceed with the Easter weekend gathering. Watch this space!

    PS Geoff & Mary – I need to show the licence agreement to you and get your input. Can you email me your contact details to so we can catch up about this?

    Thanks everyone xx


  10. Hi everyone, the update from the solicitor for the estate is that anyone who wishes to utilise the club must be a signatory to the licence agreement being drawn up. That being the case, I will be making contact with each of you in coming days by telephone to see if you would like to be named on the licence agreement. It would be great if current members are willing to do this so that we can continue on together for the time being. R xx

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  11. Hi everyone, we have received correspondence from the solicitors acting for the estate to advise that in fact we do need to enter into a license agreement, and that this needs to occur before we can have another gathering at the Club. I will keep you posted. Rod

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  12. Hi everyone, thanks for the great turnout for Heinz’s Memorial Dinner. Maree, Ian and Eric were extremely appreciative, and Maree sent me a glowing message this morning saying just how thrilled she is to have the Club continuing. It was also good to welcome a total of 6 new people to the club.

    Below is a quick summary of what we decided yesterday at our group meeting. I will post the new events in coming days.

    1. A huge thank you to those who helped with the big clean up!

    2. We are finally expecting to see some movement regarding sale of the property. The For Sale sign will likely go up shortly. We are also expecting to have to enter into a licence agreement to continue using the property, and I am helping Maree communicate with the estate solicitor about this issue.

    3. We are now members of the ANF and you will start to see Naturi promoted in ANF literature as a member Club. This is already having an impact on the level of enquiries to the Club.

    4. The gathering in March will be on the second weekend of the month, 13-14 March. This is necessary because some of us will be at my wedding, which is on the first weekend in March!! (sorry I could not invite everyone, we would have loved to, but when two 51 year olds get hitched, there is are multiple generations of family and a lifetime of friends to have to manage!!!). There will not be a members meeting in March as not all of us can be there that weekend.

    5. The following gathering will be on the first weekend in April, which happens to be the Easter Weekend! We have decided to have our AGM on this weekend on Saturday at 4.30pm. Although we did not discuss this yesterday, let’s have an Easter theme, and have a bring and share on Saturday night. No crucifixions, but plenty of chocolate eggs!!!

    6. Regarding the AGM, would you please post here anything you would like included in the agenda, and I can provide a final agenda ahead of time. So far the items on the agenda include: (a) Fees (which are due in March) – will we only require 6 months be paid, pending outcome from estate, or pay the full 12 months? (b) election of officeholders – President (I will not be standing), Treasurer, Secretary.


    Rod x

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  13. Hi everyone , Ann & I spent 3-4 hours at Naturi yesterday doing a bit of mowing & tidying up , however you would hardly notice ! We all need to arrive as early as possible for the next function weekend & put in a few hours in the AM perhaps , with our meeting at 4.30 pm it leaves little time , Alisdair & Maree mowed last week (thankyou for your efforts ) much work is needed & many hands make light work as they say . Please R.S.V.P on the event page , its a bit quiet over there & don`t forget to mention what you will be bringing for dinner ?
    By the way the pool was a wonderful 28 degrees !


  14. Hi everyone , Ann & I will be up on Australia Day to do a bit of mowing & tidying up (weather permitting) all welcome to help !


  15. Hi folks, I have posted the Memorial Dinner for Heinz in the Events section of the website. Please add comments there regarding the event, and your culinary contributions etc!

    Thanks! Rod


  16. Hi everyone! The storm yesterday has left quite a mess. Maree emailed me overnight with this message:

    A mini tornado/storm hit us yesterday afternoon again and a
    stringy bark tree has come to rest on Bernie’s van, awning and a big
    scribbly bark branch near the tool shed came down, just missing the
    shed. Club house gutters need clearing too. There are also a few
    branches that may need trimming, near the club house. We seem to be
    getting lots of these mini tornadoes ripping through our property. The
    road is washing away and will need repairing too. You should have seem
    the amount of leaves, twigs and other tree parts in the pool!

    We will need to organise a clean up when we have enough numbers available.



  17. Hi everybody, Debbie and I have to change plans and shorten our stay in Naturi. We will arrive on 29/12 and leave on 31/12 in the morning. Our daughter came from Melbourne but cannot go to Sydney to celebrate New Year with her friends due to COVID restrictions for visitors from Victoria, so we will go home to spend New Year’s Eve with family in Blue Mountains.


  18. Hi everyone, a few updates:

    *As discussed at the meeting last weekend, Maree’s family will be using the Naturi pool on 24th December. Accordingly, we advise that Members should not visit Naturi that day out of respect for the Ebert clan.

    *Maree and Ian are delighted at the proposal to hold a memorial meal in honour of the late Heinz Ebert, whose passed away suddenly in January 2019. The date for this event is Saturday 6th of February. I will put up the Event shortly. For the duration of Maree and Ian’s visit this will be a clothed event.

    *Please post on the Thread regarding Naturi Christmas Holidays if you are planning to come up, even if only as a day visitor, and ensure you let Terry know for van booking purposes!

    *Lastly, please take care when using the pool. Yesterday I popped in for a dip en route to the Central Coast, and there was a small funnel web in the shallow end, near the steps. Best to check the pool carefully with the litter scoop before plunging in! And please wear something on your feet – thongs is fine, but bare feet may be asking for trouble!!

    Merry Christmas to you all,

    Rod xx


  19. Hi everyone, at our last meeting, we discussed the idea that if anything novel was coming up for discussion that I would email everyone ahead of time so that you have notice before the meeting. As at today’s date, there is nothing novel to report or potentially discuss.

    Given that there will be more people in attendance on Saturday than Sunday, I am thinking that it would make more sense to have our meeting on Saturday after high tea, perhaps just a short 20 minute meeting. Does anyone have objection??

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

    Rod xx

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  20. Hi everyone!

    The Events page has now been updated with details of our November gathering. Please post as soon as you can, and in particular, book your van with Terry before they all run out!

    A few other reminders and things we need to be planning for:

    *Our Christmas party is going to be a high tea, running between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 5th December. Cost is $15. Please give as much advance notice as possible if you are coming.

    *Due to all of the uncertainties arising from COVID, we are looking to have a stay-at-home nudist holiday this year at Naturi, hopefully for at least a week, sometime around New Year. We are keen to get everyone’s input on what would work best for them so we can lock in a date-range that works for the largest number of members. Have a think about if you would like to come, and if so post here to let us know what would work best for you.

    Love you’s all!

    Rod x


    1. Hi mate Ann & I will be on holidays from the 25/12 untill the 10/01/21 & planed on spending some time at Naturi during this period . thanks Terry


    2. Hi, we have a break between 21st Dec and 3rd Jan with no set plans so look forward to spending some time with our friends at Naturi.


  21. Hi All,
    Just a reminder that annual membership fees are due for those who haven’t already paid. New bank account details available on this site, or paid in person if preferred.
    Van/camping fees / event & dinner payments can also be paid directly into the account.
    With thanks,
    The bean counter

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  22. Hi everyone!
    I have posted the next event, which is a Mexican night on the first weekend in August. Make sure you post if you are coming. Thanks to Ann & Terry who will be catering for this event. Also, I am expecting there will be a few visitors this month, so please make them welcome.
    Rod x


    Hi everyone! With COVID laws beginning to relax a little, we can begin to slowly wind back into gear at Naturi.

    Social distancing laws still preclude outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people, and so we are not yet in a position to have fully-fledged weekend gatherings, or to welcome newcomers. However, it is perfectly OK now for small groups to start returning to the Club. Just remember – observe physical distancing laws, wash your hands, and if you have any flu-like symptoms, stay at home!! Also, if you want to stay overnight, let Terry Travago know to avoid any confusion!

    It is possible that laws will be relaxed in time for the first weekend in July, but if not, August is looking very positive. I will promote a gathering on the website as soon as this issue is clarified – so look out for updates!

    Love you’se all!

    Rod x

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  24. So glad to hear. Please give her our love. Will continue to keep her in our prayers. Thanks for the update. xx


  25. Thank you for for your support &well wishes Mary’s operation went well it was an 8 to 9 hr opp she is recovering well hope to see you all soon thanks Geoff


    1. Great news Geoff. Please give Mary our love and best wishes and we look forward to seeing you both soon. Maybe Mary will even have a couple of new stories for us.


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