Chalk Board


Welcome to our Members Chalk Board! 

This is the spot where members chat about their plans to visit Naturi, to co-ordinate visits, to holler for some help, and generally get excited about our nudist community.

Remember – if you want to chat about an upcoming event – you can post comments about that event at the relevant story in the Events Section of this website.

So members… chat away!

PS Photos below capture some recent memories!

276 thoughts on “Chalk Board

  1. Hi everyone looking forward to next w/ends event , Ann & I will be up on Friday about I believe Bron & Steve will be also , lets see if any others can make it for a quiet night before the Saturday celebrations .

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  2. Hope to catch up again in the Spring – currently I’m enjoying winter at Brujul in Darwin until mid August. 32 32 32….. every day. Jenni


    1. Sounds great. I plan to be there for most of Sunday, Saturday is not looking good at this stage. Reminder to everyone that it is our usual monthly meeting this Sunday, 1 July. Hope to see as many people there as possible. Forecast is for sunshine! Rod


  3. Steve and I went up to clean the caravan today , it was our first opportunity to do so but it had already been done.


  4. Hi all, for those who were not able to make it to our meeting last Sunday, we set some dates for events for the coming months! Put these dates in your diary:

    *Saturday 2nd June – Trivia Night, with pizza to be catered from our pizza oven, $10 per head
    *Saturday 28th July – Christmas in July, Christmas Fancy Undress (catering details to be confirmed at our next meeting)
    *Saturday 8th September – Spring Festival with clean up and Bonfire night
    *Saturday 6th October – Oktoberfest dinner

    Please note that our monthly meetings will be slightly adjusted to correspond with the above dates, so the August meeting will be on the 29th July, and the September meeting will be on 9th September.


  5. Hi everyone! It would be great if those who are planning to come to the astronomy weekend could post on the Events page. I am so looking forward to it, and plan to camp the whole weekend at Naturi.

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    1. Hi all, just a quick update about tonight. I have (I think) 16 confirmed attendees, and no doubt a few others will come as well, so it should be a good roll up. And the conditions for observing are looking very encouraging. I have posted some more detailed comments in the Events section. Looking forward to it!! Rod


  6. Hi all, it was nice to catch up this afternoon with Terry & Ann, Bron & Steve and Vic and Phil. Hoping those who are coming up to the Club tomorrow have another sunny day. Our family is hosting two other families for lunch tomorrow, so unfortunately I can’t make it to the meeting tomorrow. And Peter (motorbike) asked me to pass on his apologies – he is resting down South after his recent ill-health, and has been ordered not to ride his bike for a while. Get well soon Peter, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Rod


  7. A few of us mentioned at the March meeting that we are hoping to get up to the Club this coming weekend10/11th March. I am going to be there on Saturday afternoon. Who else is able to make it?


  8. Hi All
    Apologies for not getting to the meeting
    Had a late night celebrating the Jets big win over sydney and are still consoling Ann & Terry
    Brett & Jan

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